Workers' Compensation Providers List

When an employee sustains a work related injury or suffers from an occupational disease, the employee is entitled to have all of his or her reasonable medical expenses provided by an authorized physician paid under the Workers’ Compensation Act. The act contemplates that there will be an authorized treating physician selected by the employee or by agreement of the parties. The authorized physician will provide the needed treatment or else make a referral for testing, or to an appropriate specialist. Any physician or other medical provider who is in the "chain of referrals", i.e., who is providing treatment on referral from the authorized treater, is considered to be providing authorized treatment.

The employee may choose any reputable physician on the approved list of physicians of the Chief Workers’ Compensation Commissioner to be their treating Physician. Once a Physician is selected, that Physician is in charge of the employee’s case. The third party admisitrator (ESIS, Inc.) will be responsible for paying bills of that Doctor, and if the treating Physician refers the employee to other Physicians, they are also paid.

The following is the current list of approved medical providers from the office of the MPTN Workers’ Compensation Commissioner: Network Provider List

(NOTE: An employee has the option to refuse initial medical care and seek medical care on his or her own, ONLY if the employer has no medical care plan for treatment of work-related injuries/illnesses which is approved by the Chief Workers’ Compensation Commissioner. When an employee has such an approved plan, a covered employee MUST seek medical care from a medical practitioner participating in the plan; if an employee covered by an employer’s approved plan chooses to seek “outside” treatment, the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner may suspend all rights to Workers’ Compensation benefits. An employer who has an approved plan must notify employees of that fact and provide information to employees as to what physicians are in the approved plan.)